DTI Plays Major Role in $6 Million South Florida Settlement

Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) is a neuroimaging technique that can estimate the specific location, orientation, and anisotropy of potential damage after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion. This innovative technology has become a vital tool in analyzing the effects of traumatic events on the brain, especially when the aftermath calls for a precise scan. In fact, DTI results have been used as evidence to prove fault in local personal injury cases.

In 2019, three South Florida lawyers negotiated a $6 million settlement for the victim of a cycling accident who then claimed to suffer from a TBI. According to the Yahoo! News report, “the case hinged on proving their client suffered from a lasting TBI. That wasn’t easy to show, particularly because [the victim]’s injuries appeared to be mild.”

In order to prove fault, the plaintiff obtained transcripts from emergency responders and conducted initial CT and MRI scans. The victim had undergone shoulder surgery immediately after the accident and spine injuries had “proved manageable with physical therapy and other treatment.” The plaintiff ordered follow-up CT and MRI scans, showing accident-related trauma to the victim’s right temporal lobe and central nervous system still lingered. The defense’s expert radiologist challenged the plaintiff’s imaging scans and claimed the scans did not prove a TBI; however, DTI scans revealed signs of traumatic injury. It was mild, according to the victim’s legal counsel, nonetheless present. DTI was able to uncover the hidden mild TBI, a success traditional CT or MRI scans could not achieve.

Ultimately, the victim’s legal counsel was able to negotiate a $6 million settlement, giving the victim the freedom to test new therapies and medications as they emerge.

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