How Windsor Imaging Practices Safe Diagnostic Imaging to Protect Patients

As medical professionals, it is our duty to keep safety at the forefront of our practice. The health and safety of our patients as well as our staff members is of utmost importance, and we vow to exercise all safety procedures to maintain a pristine standard of protection. We know diagnostic imaging comes with its risks. While complications during or after an exam are rare, we as professionals cannot ignore that they may occur. To prevent any risk to our patients or staff, we want to share how we practice safe diagnostic examinations at Windsor Imaging.

First and foremost, we champion the importance of experience and expertise. Windsor Imaging has been serving our South Florida community for almost 20 years over three different locations. In that time, our expert diagnostic imaging staff has been able to fine-tune a top-of-the-line safety plan. This plan includes proper examination training for each staff member, which describes detailed protocols that ensure patient safety in varied scenarios. All of Windsor Imaging’s procedures and plans comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other diagnostic imaging compliance agencies. Additionally, staff members continue to exercise standardized sanitation practices in order to maintain optimal health. In the event of an emergency, Windsor Imaging is prepared to keep its patients and staff members safe.

Authorized diagnostic equipment can also support safe imaging practices. The medical equipment used at Windsor Imaging meets all requirements set by current federal regulations. According to the FDA, “FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) is responsible for regulating firms who manufacture, repackage, relabel, and/or import medical devices sold in the United States. In addition, CDRH regulates radiation-emitting electronic products (medical and non-medical) such as lasers, x-ray systems, ultrasound equipment, microwave ovens and color televisions.” Our locations are constantly researching and seeking out the latest imaging technology that focuses on reducing patient risk while improving the patient examination experience.

Finally, open communication with the patient can facilitate a safer experience for all. Each and every patient should be prepped with examination expectations, clear benefits, and clear risks. If a patient is educated on his or her upcoming exam, they are more likely to adhere to the directions established by our expert technicians. Our team encourages any and all questions a patient may have regarding their examination or imaging results.

Regardless of the imaging service you need, Windsor Imaging is focused on keeping your health and well-being at the heart of your examination. Our expertly trained staff combined with the latest digital imaging technology will guarantee a successful visit. With convenient locations in Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, and Fort Pierce, each patient can experience a safe examination. For more information regarding the types of digital imaging services we offer, contact Windsor Imaging. Your safety is our priority.

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