Points to Consider When Choosing a Diagnostic Imaging Center

From serious physical accidents to precautionary testing, digital imaging can be used to investigate a range of medical cases. If someone has been injured, it is likely the victim will need to see a professional to complete an MRI, X-ray, or ultrasound. You may want to have these tests taken at the hospital if you are already being examined in the event of an emergency; however, private diagnostic imaging centers are also viable radiology testing options.

Before deciding on a particular diagnostic imaging center to execute your scans or tests, consider these expert points:

Modern Technology

A diagnostic imaging center should be keen on offering the latest in radiology technology. Medical technology is constantly evolving, so imaging centers need to stay on top of the changes to ensure patients receive the best care. Additionally, the latest high-field MRI machines allow patients to feel more comfortable during each and every screening. The machines feature an open bore design to accommodate anxious or claustrophobic patients. When it comes to medical equipment, all equipment used at the imaging center should meet all requirements set by current federal regulations.

Experienced Team

Technicians at your preferred diagnostic imaging center should be experienced and focused on providing safe, quality care. Each staff member should be properly trained and board-certified if applicable to his or her role. All of the center’s procedures and plans need to comply with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other diagnostic imaging compliance agencies to ensure safe examinations.

An experienced team will do their best to foster open communication. Each and every patient should be prepped with examination expectations, clear benefits, and clear risks. If a patient is educated on his or her upcoming exam, they are more likely to adhere to the directions established by expert technicians. Staff members should encourage any and all questions a patient may have regarding their examination or imaging results.


Depending on the patient’s condition, he or she may want to work with a diagnostic imaging center that is conveniently located. Your travel range may be limited, and you want to ensure every desired destination is nearby. Consider the geographic locations of each option and whether or not a specific center is partnered with other close specialists or offices.

Providing imaging services since 2003, Windsor Imaging offers patients the best diagnostic imaging technology can offer. With locations in Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, and Fort Pierce, our facilities are equipped with the latest technology focused on delivering fast, stress-free results. Our locations are constantly researching and seeking out the latest imaging technology that focuses on reducing patient risk while improving the patient examination experience. At our centers, patients receive the experience they know they can trust. We know medical exams are intimate and delicate. That is why we go the extra mile to emphasize personal attention to each and every patient. Regardless of the imaging service you need, Windsor Imaging will be glad to safely help you. For more information, contact our expert team today.

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