Questions You Should Ask Your Diagnostic Imaging Center

The Questions You Should Ask Your Diagnostic Imaging Center Before an MRI Screening

Diagnostic imaging can be used to investigate medical cases caused by physical trauma or medical conditions. Although a patient can have a test or screening performed at a hospital, a private diagnostic imaging center may be the most suitable screening site. More specifically, magnetic resonance imaging (or MRI) is a form of diagnostic imaging used to develop images of human organs, tissues, and structures at a diagnostic imaging center.

Not surprisingly, patients may inquire about their upcoming MRI screening. Here are a few common questions you should ask your diagnostic imaging center before scheduling a screening:


Can my insurance plan cover the cost of the MRI screening?

Depending on a patient’s insurance policy, that policy can cover a portion of the screening’s cost. Additionally, the type of diagnostic imaging or screening can affect the portion covered by an insurance policy. Be sure to contact your diagnostic imaging center before scheduling an MRI screening to confirm your coverage. The diagnostic imaging center may reach out to your insurance provider in order to secure the coverage.


How can I prepare for my MRI screening?

No special preparations need to take place before an MRI screening begins. Patients can eat normally and go about their daily routines. They can continue to take any medication prescribed by doctors unless otherwise advised.


What do I need to disclose before my MRI screening?

Patients must disclose if they have had any brain, ear, or eye surgeries. They can let their MRI technician know if they have a pacemaker, a neurostimulator (tens unit), metal implants, an intrauterine device (IUD), aneurysm clips, surgical staples, an implanted drug infusion device, foreign metal objects in the eye, bullet wounds, permanent eyeliner, or tattoos. Also, patients must disclose a pregnancy or a potential pregnancy.


What am I allowed to bring into the screening room?

The patient will be asked to leave behind any items that are not compatible with an MRI’s magnetic field. Items that must remain outside of the room include coins, jewelry, watches, glasses, credit cards, hearing aids, keys, hair pins, and other metal objects. Some implants may also be incompatible.


How can I be as comfortable as possible during the MRI screening?

Patients can try a few simple tips to help remain calm and comfortable during the exam. Some of these include talking through the scan with your doctor and technician, bringing a companion, practicing steady breathing or meditation, listening to music, or counting to yourself out loud or in your head.


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